What is Anti-Diversion?

When it comes to purchasing product, are you familiar with the term anti-diversion? As we approach the holiday season I’d like to share a little information with you about what exactly anti-diversion is and why I, along with many other clients and hairstylists, are anti-diversion.

Diversion, Black Market and Grey Market

What is the difference between diversion, black market and grey market? Diversion occurs when things are sold in unauthorized places. The most common type of diversion with which you may be familiar is the black market. The term black market refers to items or goods that are illegal (forbidden by law), prohibited (forbidden) or stolen. The grey market isn’t new; it has been around for decades and the phrase has been gaining popularity recently within the beauty industry. The grey market is a term that refers to products that are bought and sold separately at various locations, unauthorized by their manufacturers.

There is a good chance you have already had some exposure to the grey market. Being exposed to the grey market can be, but is not limited to, buying from a drugstore, grocery store or department store. Make sure to look at the barcode for any foul play or extra barcode stickers covering the old one when buying products at these locations.

What are the Dangers of Diversion?

Diversion is bad because hairstylists cannot guarantee the product will perform as manufacturers claim. Products can only be guaranteed by salons, spas and other authorized websites or locations. Ingredients that are listed on the product’s label may be different from the actual product’s contents meaning unknown irritations can occur. Stylists have absolutely no idea where that product has been.

A good example of this is expired products. Sometimes unauthorized vendors will keep products around for years, waiting for old barcodes and sometimes the products themselves to expire so they can then be resold. Be sure to take note of product packaging – is the packaging different from that product’s newest line?

Counterfeit Products

Ever wonder why your shampoo, conditioner or any styling product you use, looks, smells or works differently than the one your hairstylist uses? The truth is that it could be a different product altogether, squeezed into and old bottle or there could be counterfeit label wrapped around an entirely different product.

With counterfeit products comes a good chance for contamination. Was the product in question packaged in a factory or someone’s back yard? If a product is counterfeit, there’s no way of knowing who packaged it or if it was packaged under safe conditions.

Avoiding Diversion

How can you avoid diversion within the grey market? Stop buying name brand products from mass retailers, grocery stores and drugstores. Make sure you purchase from an accredited salon, spa or authorized retailer for that specific products. If you’re unsure about a product, don’t buy it. Check with that brand’s representatives first to confirm if that location is an authorized retailer. Be sure to share with your friends and family which locations are authorized for your favorite products, it definitely helps to spread the word!

The grey market capitalizes on the misinformed. Beware of savings that seem too good to be true, especially around the holidays. The potential damage to you hair from unregulated, expired and counterfeit products can be irreversible and not worth the savings. Remember to shop at your local salon or purchase directly through your hairstylist if possible.

Xoxo happy holidays and shop safe!