Happy Holidays

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Every year around this time people are scrambling to find the best gifts and to seek out the most unique finds! Late night store stakeouts, overnight waits or even the dreaded 4am alarm just to get into a store on black Friday for the chance to score major money savings deals. Forget all of that, I’ve got a better solution for you! Pureology Holiday kits are back in circulation!

Haircare brands often put together the perfectly formulated product bundles which make amazing gifts! Whether for your self, a loved one, friends or significant other, you can usually find a kit for each person, making holiday shopping a breeze. The best part? Pureology holiday kits are only $70 (plus tax) and you get: a whole kit, already wrapped in decorative gift box, which consists of 4 products (3 full-size and a travel size) all for the price of what would normally only be the shampoo and conditioner.

This deal is amazing! I usually get one for myself, my mom, my sisters in law and basically anyone else I know who would love the gift of healthy, gorgeous hair for the holidays. Whether it be for the holidays, a birthday, or even just to say thank you, these kits make the perfect present. Which kit would suit your needs the best? Email me at kaylynn@hairbykaylynn.com for a personal prescription for your hair or follow this quick guidelines:

Purelogy Holiday Kits Currently Available

Best Blondes

This kit is for all the blonde bombshells out there who are looking for a toning shampoo. The Best Blondes kit comes with a full size shampoo and conditioner that are tinted purple to cancel out the unwanted yellow tones in blonde hair or can help enhance natural grey/white hair to keep your blonde/grey/white bright. It’s also formulated to strengthen hair damaged from the blonding process. This kit also comes with get a full-size miracle filler which is a leave-in spray for highlighted or blonde color-treated hair by filling in gaps on damaged strands, evening out porous hair, leaving it shiny and soft. Lastly, a travel-size Refresh and Go dry shampoo to keep your hair fresh for multiple days.

Strength Cure

The Strength Cure kit is best for micro-scarred or damaged hair. It fortifies the hair and removes dulling residue gently while nourishing the hair with a focus on strengthening and repairing. The Strength Cure kit is a great alternative to the Best Blondes kit for blondes who like warmth in their hair. This kit works well with any natural hair color or color-treated hair. The Strength Cure kit comes with a full size shampoo, conditioner, leave-in Color Fanatic 21 Benefit spray and a travel-size Refresh and Go dry shampoo.


The Hydrate Kit is my number one seller! This kit does just what it says, it hydrates and moisturizes dry hair leaving is soft supple and shiny. The Hydrate Kit is meant for someone who has medium to course hair but the kit can also be used on fine hair that needs an extra dose of moisture. The Hydrate Kit comes with a full-size shampoo, conditioner, leave-in Color Fanatic 21 Benefit Spray and a travel-size Refresh and Go dry shampoo.

Hydrate Sheer

The Hydrate Sheer kit is my favorite kit and one of the newer additions to the product line! This kit is perfect for someone who needs the moisture that the Hydrate kit has to offer, but has fine hair. The Hydrate Sheer kit is also for people whose hair is thirsty but tends to weigh down easily. The Hydrate Sheer kit is the sister kit to the number one seller, the original Hydrate kit, and is formulated to be silicone free, which in turn keeps your hair light, airy and radiant while still providing a punch of hydration for parched hair. The Hydration Sheer kit comes with a full-size shampoo, conditioner, leave-in color Fanatic 21 Benefit spray and a travel-size Wind Tossed texture spray.

Clean Volume

This kit is for fine limp hair needing some extra oomph. The products are all light weight which gives the hair a squeaky clean feel and helps to support volume. The Clean Volume kit comes with a full-size shampoo, conditioner and Color Fanatic 21 Benefit leave-in spray and a travel-size Wind Tossed which is a texture spray that enhances movement and encourages volume.

Order a Purelogy Holiday Kit Today!

Each kit is only $70 (plus tax) and all kits are available while supplies last. Stop by my studio and grab some for yourself, friends or family or place an order via email to kaylynn@hairbykaylynn.com!

♥ Happy Holidays from HBK!