Does your hair feel drab and lifeless after warm summer days spent lounging at the pool and basking in the sun? Hair tends to dry out during summer from the extra exposure to heat and not compensating with the proper home care. Not only does hair feel dry, but it can also easily become tangled and sticky. Why does this happen?

Chemicals, natural and artificial, can all damage your hair, causing it to lack luster and appear dingy, even green! Calcium, chlorine, salt, lime and copper are just a few agents that can coat the hair, leaving it feeling less than desirable.

The good news is there’s an easy fix! Ask your stylist about the Malibu C Wellness Beauty Collection. Malibu carries a few different lines that can be beneficial for you as a treatment shampoo/conditioner duo.

Swimmers Wellness Remedy can take your damaged hair from blah to tada! Start with with cleansing your hair with Malibu Swimmer Wellness Shampoo. Work your hair into a good lather and rinse thoroughly.

Next you’ll use the Malibu Swimmer Crystals which will help draw out any remaining buildup of chlorine and copper (copper is the culprit behind green “swimming pool hair”). Pour the powder crystals into the palm of your wet hand and work in to a lather. Rub the lather into the roots of your hair through the ends, following directions on the back of the product packet.

Rinse your hair thoroughly and then follow up with Malibu Swimmers Wellness Conditioner or Malibu Miracle Repair to help to nourish and strengthen the hair from the inside out.

Last but not least, follow up with your favorite moisture conditioning treatment once a week to kick dry hair to the curb. My current favorite this summer is Pureology Superfood Treatment Hydrate. Formulated With avocado oil and coconut oil to leave hair moisturized and soft and can be applied in as little as 5 min!

Both Malibu Wellness and Pureology products are safe for children.

Have a happy and healthy summer!