Keep Your Brush Clean

In its lifetime a hairbrush sees countless follicles of hair and hours upon hours of use depending upon the hygiene habits of its user. A common fault among most brush users is not cleaning the brush often enough. The brush exfoliates the scalp by pulling oils up through the hair. Along with these oils, the brush will also pull up any product that may be in the hair as product attaches to its bristle. When your hair is fresh from a wash but the brush is not, all of the product residue and natural oils from previous brushing sessions are pulled through the hair. It’s important to keep your brush bristles clean in order to guarantee the brush’s maximum performance.

Allowing hair to build up in a brush also reduces its overall effectiveness. On average a brush should be cleaned every one to two weeks. Brush users with longer hair will need to clean out their brushes more often. It is important that hair product users look for signs of residue on their brush bristles as this is a clear indicator that the brush should be cleaned.

Types of Hair Brushes

There are many different types of brushes, and the type of brush you choose directly affects the look and shine of your hair. I recommend the flexibility of the Wet Brush. Brushes with metal bristles can do more harm than good and cheap brushes wear out more quickly and require frequent replacement.

Do I Need a New Hairbrush?

Knowing when to replace your hairbrush is a tricky, the timing can be tough to nail down. A good rule of thumb is to replace your brush every 6 months to a year, depending on frequency of use and the initial quality of the brush. Along the way its important to monitor escalating amounts of missing or bent bristles.

How to Brush Healthy

Regular hair brushing promotes overall hair health by removing dead skin, stimulating blood flow to the scalp, spreading natural conditioning oils throughout the hair, and activating the sebaceous gland which produces sebum. Sebum is the scalp’s natural oil. Over-brushing, however, can strip the hair’s cuticle, leaving a dull look and even breakage. Brush through the hair one to two times a day, starting at the ends of your hair, working towards the root, focusing on detangling. Once you have thoroughly detangled your hair, you’re all done!

Follow the HBK brushing philosophy of:

Keep it clean,
Keep it simple.

Treat yourself to a scalp massage and happy brushing!