Men’s Hair FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Men’s Hair

Creams are great for longer that require minimal hold. Creams are mostly used for adding definition, reducing frizz and adding a small amount of hold. Creams are good for fine, medium and coarse hair. Creams offer more control for hair that’s fine to medium in texture.

How do you use creams? Air dry creams are used on wet hair. Start with a pea sized amount and if you need more, go up to about a nickel size for longer or thicker hair. Run the cream though with your fingers and style as desired. Then let your hair air dry. Creams can also be used on dry hair to control frizz and to add definition and texture to the hair.

Pomades are the most universal men’s hair products. They can be used to add messy texture, sleek hold or to spike shorter hair.

How do you use pomades? Pomades can be applied to both wet and dry hair. For wet hair it works well to slick back the hair. On dry hair pomade can be used to add hold to styles like the pompadour. A pomade can also be used for strong hold separation.

A cousin to the pomade, wax is great for short hair and works well for adding shine.

How do you use wax? Unlike pomade you only want to use wax on dry hair as water and wax repel. Add a small amount to your hands and rub it till it becomes warm and starts to melt. Run the wax through your hair with your fingers for shine and hold. Wax works great on haircuts like Matt Damon’s signature cut, short hair with a spiked front.

Mud or fiber offers hold similar to a pomade that can be used on short to medium hair styles to add a disheveled look. On longer hair mud or fiber can give the effortless swept back shag.

To use mud or fiber, rub between hands until it looks fibery or stringy, then apply on dry hair and style as desired.

Dry texture is used for low maintenance styling and consists of a powder or dry aerosol that adds texture and grit but remains matte.

How would you use dry texture? Dry texture is used on dry hair only. Powders can be sprinkled through the hair in areas where you want texture and rubbed in with your fingertips to create a disheveled look. Dry aerosol sprays are also used on dry hair and are sprayed in areas where you want more volume or texture to add separation for a messy look.

Gel comes in medium and strong holds. It can be used on short to medium length hair and even sometimes longer hair. On short and medium length hair it can be used to add hold to the hair, like if one were to spike it up, and on medium to longer length hair, add the stronghold such as a slicked back look.

Gel is best used on wet hair. Towel dry the hair and apply a small amount to your hands, then rub through your hair. If you’re going for a spiked look, work your fingers from the roots of your hair to the tips, spiking the hair outwards like a porcupine. If you’re looking for a slicked back look, add gel all through your hair where you want the most hold then comb the gel from your forehead towards the back of your head, giving your hair a slicked back look. The gel will harden once it’s dry giving you a long lasting hold.

The most common form of hairspray is aerosol and can be used on wet or dry hair to add extra hold. Hairspray comes in all types of holds, from a soft hold all the way up to a strong hold. Most often hairspray is used by men for a medium to strong hold.

Hairspray works great when the hair is wet to add extra hold and insurance if you’re also using pomade or gel in your hair. Hairspray on dry hair works great too. It helps control flyaways or frizz as well as providing control. When using hairspray on dry hair, think of it more as setting the style versus actually styling.

It depends on what products you use.

Most of the time you can re-wet the hair to rework it. However, in some cases like gel or hairspray, if too much is used it may cause flaking and will need to be washed before re-styling.

For a stiff, hard slicked back look using a strong hold gel on wet hair will work best. Add hair spray as a finisher for high hold insurance.

If you’re looking for a softer slicked back look that will hold and does not appear hard, try a pomade on wet or dry hair. This will give you a slicked back look with a relatively softer appearance.

Hairspray can also be used to slick your hair back, but remember when using hairspray it will always dry more stiff.

Redken has a great anti dandruff shampoo called Scalp Relief. Using it one to two times a week, maybe more as needed, will help to get rid of your dandruff. When you shampoo it into your hair, really work it into the scalp. Most dandruff is just flakes of dry scalp that can be exfoliated away.

Check your products. If you are using a product in your hair that you believe may be the cause of your dandruff, the dandruff you may not be shampooing and conditioning your hair thoroughly enough. Try using Redken Hair Cleansing Cream once or twice a month to give your hair a deep clean. Follow up with your favorite Redken conditioner.

3-6 weeks is the most common timeframe for men to get their hair cut. If you like your hair to look perfectly groomed, try shorter times in between appointments, such as 3 or 4 weeks. For longer styles you can get away with 5-7 weeks.

Every stylist or barber is different. With my clients I like to give them a whole experience, including a second a hair wash to get rid of small cut hairs, a mini hot towel facial and the styling of their choice.

Have your stylist cut your sides shorter, fading into the top of your hair. On the top of your hair, you want it to go shorter in the back to longer in the front to support the style.

Dry your hair upside down, maximizing its volume. Add a pomade or wax to your hair and begin to style and shape your pompadour. If you need extra hold don’t shy away from using a hair spray to set your pompadour.

Yes in fact with today’s technology there are colors specifically formulated for men that help to blend in and cover the gray so as you wash your hair it looks very natural, blending the gray. Ask your stylist about Redken Men’s Coloring Camouflage. If you’re looking for something different, remember all hair is the same so anything a woman can do to her hair a man can as well.

First thing’s first: you must have long hair with natural curls.

If your hair is dark like his you can always opt into getting the bottom colored by your stylist. Ask them to “ombre” or “Balayage” the ends. Use an air dry cream, applying it to your hair while your hair is damp, on the mid shafts to ends to help control frizz while adding definition to your curls. Let your hair air dry.