Meet the invisibobble®

This crazy new hair tie has been flying off the shelves since it first came out. What makes it different? Here are some of my favorite features of the invisibobble®:

  • I never lose it because I can keep it on my wrist like a bracelet and it doesn’t cut off my circulation.
  • It outlasts all my elastic hair ties which break frequently.
  • It’s hygienic, yep you read that right! It’s made of polyurethane which can be easily cleaned and doesn’t absorb water or harmful bacteria.
  • It works great for buns!
  • It uses ultra low tension meaning no more hair aches.

Additional Benefits

  • It’s traceless
  • It doesn’t grate split ends
  • It’s great for pony tails
  • It minimizes and eliminates the need for bobby pins
  • It’s anti-allergic
  • It doesn’t tug or pull on hair, no hair tension

Q&A about My Favorite Hair Tie

How long have you used the invisibobble®?
For over nine months! I would never give them up, they’re a staple in my own personal styling and I rarely ever use a regular hair tie for my ponytails and buns.

Why do they stretch out?
It’s actually a characteristic of polyurethane and a security measure in cases of over stretching.

Is there a way to fix them when they stretch out?
Yes! Heat will make the band shrink back to its original size. I leave mine in my car to shrink it, but you can also place it on a paper towel on top of the stove or submerge it in hot water.

Do they last longer than normal hair ties?
In my opinion, yes! In the nine months that I have been using the invisibobble® I have only bought two packs. That’s six invisibobbles® total. I gave one to a friend to try and then another one was hijacked by my brother who has long hair, leaving me four. I use them probably five to six days a week and in over nine months I’ve only had one break on me, which probably had nothing to do with me seeing how far it would stretch ☺

What is your favorite use for them?
My personal favorite is how the invisibobble® makes creating a messy bun effortless. Whether it’s one bun, two fun buns or a top not, I am never let down when I use my invisibobbles®. They’re full of texture and hold all day even through working out and they never leave me with a hair headache like hairties do from being pulled tight.

Visit the invisibobble® website for more info!