How to Manage Your Hair During a Quarantine

If you are starting to see roots or grays poking their way through your hair color, here are a few options you can explore while being away from your stylist during a quarantine or business shutdown:

Change Up Your Hair Part

An easy solution to try is to simply part your hair a different way. Most of the time grays in a hair part are not noticeable. If you part your hair a different way, like either to the side or to the middle, it might be as easy as that. The automatic volume you get from parting your hair on the opposite side helps to camouflage your grays temporarily.

Get Fancy

Try some cute hair accessories! Invest in some clips, pins, headbands, or scarves. Styling your hair with an accessory will not only pull focus towards that item and away from your roots, but it can also cover your roots, making your hair look fresh again.

Be Your Own Stylist

Don’t be afraid to try root sprays or powders. If you see roots coming in, whether they are gray, blonde or brunette and your existing shade is different, you can always purchase a root cover spray or powder such as root cover up from Color Wow.

Colored dry shampoo is another great option for brunettes while blondes can use regular dry shampoo or babypowder/ corn starch to soften their newly dark roots.

Contactless Hair Color Kit Delivery

Ask your stylist if they’re doing at-home emergency color kits. Please refrain from going to the store if at all possible and instead contact your stylist who may be able to help you with a personally formulated color touch up kit for you to get you by while our quarantine is still underway.

Hair By Kaylynn offers at home emergency hair color kits with contactless delivery. If you are interested in purchasing a home color kit, please contact HBK and I’ll be happy to put together a custom kit just for you.

As soon as stylists are able to reopen, we look forward to helping you with all your hair needs! Until then take this time to wash your hair less, keep up with conditioning treatments and, my favorite, Olaplex #3! During this time it would also be wise to take a break from heat styling and let your hair relax.

Take this time to let your hair heal so when you get back to your stylist they will have a wonderful fresh canvas to work with to help you achieve your goals.

Stay safe out there everybody, and as always, much love HBK ♥