Do you struggle with styling your own hair, but still want to look fabulous? Do you want to experiment with color but don’t want anything more permanent than a day or so? Whether it be Halloween or just a night out on the town, a wig could be the ultimate solution for a temporary new look!

Finding Your Wig

There is a wide variety of wigs to choose from these days. Wigs can be made both from synthetic and real hair. You can choose to go with natural colors like blonde and brunette or play with funky shades like green or blue! You can easily find a wig for any occasion. Maybe your hair is short and long hair would better suit your look or vice versa.

How to Wig

There are three main things to consider if you choose to dive into the world of wigs:

1. How to choose your wig
2. How to actually put the wig on
3. How to style it!

Choose Your Wig

Choosing your wig is the first step. Picking your color or length may be an easy choice but when it comes to the difference in materials, what do you choose, real hair or synthetic? It really comes down to two things: price and style. Wigs made from real hair will always be more expensive than synthetic wigs. However, they tends to result in a higher quality look. The cost of a wig made from real hair may not pair well with your budget if you’re planning on changing your look for a single event. That’s where synthetic wigs or blended wigs come in. These wigs can be the perfect solution due to their super inexpensive cost. The only downside to a synthetic or blended wig is that you cannot heat style synthetic hair; it will melt. Many wigs, both synthetic and actual human hair, can come previously styled. Whether its curls, straight, braided, etc. there are wigs that you can simply buy off the rack pre-styled.

Putting on Your Wig

Styling a wig is always best to do on the head of the person wearing it so let’s talk about how to pop the sucker on and get you one step closer to rocking your amazing costume or your next party look! There are a few ways a wig can be fitted, but I recommend two methods: braids and pin curls. You will need bobby pins for both and a hairnet (the hairnet is not necessary, but it will make it easier). Choose your method depending upon your hair length and type. If your hair is short, say a pixie cut, and you’re using a long hair wig, you may not even need to do anything before putting it on.

If your hair is short to medium length, pin curls may be your best option. Take a section of hair, wrap it flat around two or three fingers and gently pull the curl off the finger, laying it flat against your head. Secure each pin curl with two or more bobby pins. I prefer to arrange my bobby pins in a criss-cross to form an x for better hold. Another trick for securing the bobby pins is to place them diagonal so that the opening of the bobby pin is not faced completely up. This will allow for gravity to work its magic by pulling the bobby pins down without allowing them to slip out. Continue this process until all of your hair is pinned and flat against your head. The next step, which is optional, is to put on your hair net. Bend your head foward and place the net at the base of the neck, stretching it over your head until you get to the front of your hairline. Although the hairnet is not necessary, it really helps to keep the curls in place if any of the bobby pins slip out. It also helps in keeping any stray hairs tucked up and concealed in your wig.

If your hair is thicker or really long, a better option for fitting a wig is to weave your real hair into braids. Depending on the density of hair you will need to create one or multiple braids, securing the ends with little rubber elastics. Tiny rubber elastics help minimize your hair’s bulk more than a standard hair tie. Two french braids works really well but if you dont know how to french braid, regular braids will work too! Wrap your braids, starting at the base of your neck, in a spiral around your head, pinning with bobby pins along the way. You can also start at the base of the neck, pinning in a zig-zag formation from ear to ear working your way up. Just like with the pin curl method, you can choose to apply a hairnet at this stage or not.

Styling Your Wig

Once your hair is prepped we can apply the wig! Slightly tilt your head down, pressing the front hairline of the wig along your forehead, holding it tight as you pull the rest of the wig over the back of your head. Tilt your head up, slightly shift and adjust the wig until the fit is secure and comfortable. If you’re not experienced in styling your own hair, or want the a low maintenance option, buying a pre-styled wig will be your best bet; just put it on and you’re ready to roll! If you prefer to style your own wig, you are now on your last step.

Styling human hair is similar to styling your own hair. If you have chosen a human hair wig you can heat style it, but its recommended to use lower temperatures and a thermal protectant. Remember to style gently, you don’t want to pull the wig out of place. With synthetic hair its important to remember is that the “hair” is derived from a variety of plastics which can be melted by too much heat! If you want to go with a synthetic wig, your best bet is to buy your synthetic wig pre-styled. If your wavy wig needs a bit more curl you can enhance it with a spritz of hot or warm water, wrap some sections in sponge rollers, removing the rollers after the water has dried naturally. No heat allowed!

Once you’ve applied and styled your wig, you are now ready for any event! Have fun!